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Abisko Scientific Research Station



ANS/CIRC seminars are a series of weekly, informal presentations given by and for guests of the Abisko Scientific Research Station (ANS) in collaboration with the Climate Impacts Research Centre, Umeå universitet (CIRC). They feature planned, on-going or finished research in the Abisko area. Both new presentations and presentations that have originally been prepared for other meetings are welcome.

We strongly urge all visiting scientists to participate in the seminars in order to promote the scientific discussion at the research station!


Every Thursday evening at 20:00 in June–September, to allow for fieldwork activities during the day. The day is flexible, so please inform us if you would like to contribute a presentation on another day that fits better in the planning of your visit. Typically, presentations last 20–45 minutes, while we also offer the option for group seminars consisting of several short (10–15 min) introductory presentations by starting students or new projects.


Lecture Theatre, Abisko Scientific Research Station.


Please contact ans@polar.se for further information and to sign up for a presentation date.


Abisko Scientific Research Station is a part of several cooperations and infrastructure networks.