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Polarforum is a meeting place for all those engaged in research concerning, or in, the polar regions, the Swedish mountain region and other Northern regions. The aim is to create transdisciplinary interfaces between researchers, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and other actors through work groups and networking. Government officials and others are welcome as observers. Polarforum currently has just over 300 members from some 40 Swedish seats of learning.


Research programmes

The Swedish Arctic Research Programme (SWEDARCTIC) and the Swedish Antarctic Research Programme (SWEDARP) are designed in cooperation with the Swedish Research Council.

Swedish national polar research programmes – 2014 and beyond

Research platforms

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s permanent infrastructure for research comprises the Abisko Scientific Research Station, the Wasa and Svea research stations in Dronning Maud Land in Antarctica, and the icebreaker Oden. These research platforms are continuously developed and adapted to meet the needs of scientists.

Read more about the research platforms:

International co-operation

If you are a researcher who is interested in a particular field or a specific infrastructure in the polar regions, we can often help you get there, even if we do not have our own resources in the area. The Secretariat is working continually to provide Swedish researchers with access to all parts of the Arctic and Antarctica, on both land and sea. We have strong long-term relationships with a host of operators and research institutes, and there are various international networks that connect research stations and vessels. We also have bilateral co-operative relationships with countries such as the USA, Norway (Svalbard), Russia, Finland and Germany.


Visit the Polar Research Portal to read about current Swedish expeditions in Antarctica.


The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and Swedish Research Council have established a shared roadmap for support to research projects in polar regions outside Sweden.