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Swedish national polar research programmes – 2014 and beyond

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the Swedish Research Council share the responsibility for national level planning of Swedish polar research. The government agencies have drawn up this roadmap to visualize the research projects selected to receive support for field work in the polar regions outside Sweden. The roadmap is published to invite and inspire potential partners – national and international – to cooperate with our agencies and Swedish scientists to better achieve important scientific goals.

The result of joint calls

Most of the projects presented in this roadmap are the outcome of the call “Operational support for polar research 2013”, which came from the two agencies and was open to all fields of science. Some of the projects from the call in 2010 have not yet been carried out, and they are also included in this roadmap.

The call process in 2013

The call offered logistic support for Arctic and Antarctic research, i.e. for field work and operations in polar areas. Research grants were not offered; financing of the research itself comes from other sources, primarily through funding agencies’ regular calls. The Swedish Research Council was in charge of the call process and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat is responsible for the final decision on support to expeditions and field work.

The applications were evaluated in a two-step peer-review process: first through the regular topical evaluation panels of the Swedish Research Council, and then by an evaluation panel assembled for the call, including both topical experts and international polar researchers. The first step focused on the scientific evaluation criteria. During the second step, the evaluation also included assessments of feasibility and relevance in an international polar context.


This roadmap indicates the main direction for Sweden’s national polar research programmes, SWEDARCTIC and SWEDARP, in the years ahead, and replaces the polar roadmap from 2010. The course of Swedish polar research will change over time, as expeditions are completed and new calls are made. Other polar programmes and research operators are welcome to suggest collaborations that can create operational synergies, or supplement and enhance the scientific output.

Download the roadmap

Order the roadmap from office@polar.se.


Visit the Polar Research Portal to read about current Swedish expeditions in Antarctica.


The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and Swedish Research Council have established a shared roadmap for support to research projects in polar regions outside Sweden.