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Field Course Handbook

The purpose of this book is to provide practical information to participants in polar research expeditions organized by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, and this group gets a printed copy of the book. It serves as a complement to the Secretariat’s field course, which is a compulsory part of the preparation for all participants on polar expeditions. 102 pages. Published 2004. ISBN 91-9751-2-8.

Field Course Handbook

Polarforskning och expeditioner. Polarforskningssekretariatet 1984–1994

Since its foundation in 1984, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat has organised and conducted several successful research expeditions of varying sizes to the Arctic and Antarctica. This jubilee book reflects partly the organisation behind the expeditions, partly the research programmes that have been conducted. The book also describes the international collaboration and environmental issues that play an important role in the activities of the Secretariat. A factual section includes information on expedition leaders, maps, financial data, literature and information on the Swedish research stations Wasa and Svea. (In Swedish). 150 pages. Published 1994. ISBN 91-972261-2-2. File copy only.

Swedish Polar Bibliography. A Guide to Swedish Literature of Polar Research 1945–1989. With Supplement 1990–1992

This bibliography is intended as an aid to anyone seeking information on literature about polar research in general as well as specific subjects in this field. 202 pages. Published 1993. ISBN 91-970769-1-0.

Swedish Polar Bibliography. A Guide to Swedish Literature of Polar Research. Supplement 1993–1995

48 pages. Published 1996. ISBN 91-972261-1-4. Download supplements from 1993 and onwards here.

High Latitudes – A History of Swedish Polar Travels and Research 1758–1980

High Latitudes is Professor Gösta Liljequist’s much appreciated work on Swedish polar research. Ambitious and well-informed, he takes up just about everything that has happened in Swedish polar research during 200 years-people, equipment, geography, chronological facts and political and economical conditions that have had an effect on research. The book’s 608 pages are richly illustrated with photographs and maps. Published 1993. ISBN 91-970769-4-5. Price: 150 SEK excluded sales tax & postal charges.

Reed High Latitudes in Diva

Sweden and Antarctica

An overview of Swedish polar history with emphasis on Nordenskiöld’s Antarctic expedition in 1901–1903 and the British-Norwegian-Swedish Antarctic expedition in 1949–1952. The historical section is written by Professor Gösta H. Liljequist, who himself took part in the 1949–1952 expedition. 93 pages. Published 1985. ISBN 91-970769-0-2. File copy only.


The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and Swedish Research Council have established a shared roadmap for support to research projects in polar regions outside Sweden.