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Fact Sheets

Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

A presentation folder about the Secretariat.

Folder: Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (pdf 1.4 MB)

Folder cover Polar

Abisko Scientific Research Station

A presentation folder about the research station in Abisko.

Folder: Abisko Scientific Research Station (pdf 2.7 MB)

Folder cover ANS

Icebreaker Oden – a unique research platform

A presentation folder about the icebreaker Oden.

Folder: Icebreaker Oden (pdf 1.3 MB)

Folder cover Oden

Wasa and Svea – research stations in Antarctica

A presentation folder about our research stations in Antarctica.

Folder: Wasa and Svea (pdf 1.1 MB)

Folder cover Wasa and Svea

Antarctica is unique!

The Swedish Antarctica Act requires all Swedes staying or conducting activities there to apply for a permit. This brochure gives a brief introduction to the continent and what to bear in mind while planning a trip to Antarctica. Swedish/English. Published 2017.

Antarctica is unique (pdf 4 MB)

Environmental Impact Assessment – A Study of the Ice-Breaker Oden in Polar Operations

A 12-page fact sheet describing environmental engineering issues and environmental planning before the Oden expedition in 1991 and its results. Published 1993. ISBN 91-970769-9-6.

Arctic and Antarctic Science for Europe

The Polar Regions in a Connected World – a challenge for Horizon 2020. Brochure and flyers from the European Polar Board.

Arctic and Antarctic Science for Europe including all flyers (9,7 MB)

Download the brochure and the flyers separately:

Arctic and Antarctic Science for Europe (pdf 3.4 MB)

Polar Climates and our Connected World (pdf 877 kB)

Poles of Technological Innovation and Development (pdf 694 kB)

Natural Resources in Polar Oceans (pdf 898 kB)

Polar Infrastructures and Scientific Platforms (pdf 859 kB)

Communicating Polar Agendas (pdf 1.1 MB)

European Polar Research (pdf 811 kB)


The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and Swedish Research Council have established a shared roadmap for support to research projects in polar regions outside Sweden.