Questions and answers concerning the artists programme

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions concerning the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat artists programme.

How do I apply for the artists programme?

When possible, we allocate space for artists to participate in Swedish research expeditions through the artist programme. Depending on the aim of the expedition and its timeframe, the call will be made in one of the following ways:

  • An open call.
  • A call where the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat selects the artistic category being sought for a specific expedition.
  • An invitation to a selected group of artists, who are given the opportunity to apply.
  • An individual artist is invited, after collaboration with a jury.

How are applications assessed?

When a call is made, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat appoints a jury to assess the incoming applications. The jury consists of an artist who previously have participated in an expedition and at least two experts, active in the art world. The jury’s opinion strongly guides the Secretariat, which makes the formal decision on the artist’s participation.

What types of expeditions include artists?

Artists are primarily sought for icebreaker expeditions, as there is more room and it is easier to offer the same working conditions as those of the researchers.

How often do you issue a call for the artists programme?

Unfortunately, it is hard to say exactly, but as soon as we have a suitable expedition with the icebreaker Oden, we try to ensure space on board for an artist or teacher. The research is always prioritised, so it is not always possible.

When is the next application period for the artists programme?

The simplest way to ascertain the next time we will be issuing a call is by following us on social media.

Last modified: 10 June 2019