Northwest Passage 2019

Before the ongoing expedition to northwest Greenland and the Ryder Glacier, an American expedition to the Northwest Passage was conducted with the icebreaker Oden. Inner Space Center has reported extensively from the expedition and you can find both videos and blog posts from the icebreaker Oden at Fun reading if you are interested in life on board and the research being done!

If you want to know more

Selection of news articles

Tiny pieces of plastic found in Arctic snow, National Geographic, 15 August 2019
‘Punch in the gut’ as scientists find micro plastic in Arctic ice, Reuters, 14 August 2019
An Arctic miracle: Icebreaker salvages lost records of Beluga whales, Reuters, 1 August 2019

Podcast about the expedition

Science Friday: Breaking Through The Northwest Passage For Arctic Science


Last modified: 20 September 2019