Swedish polar bibliography

The Swedish polar bibliography mainly contains literature related to the Swedish polar research programmes SWEDARCTIC and SWEDARP, although it also includes some Swedish polar scientific literature from outside of these research programmes. The bibliography is accessible through DiVA – Academic Archive On-line.

To the Swedish Polar Bibliography in DiVA

Submit references to the Swedish polar bibliography

In order to include as much information as possible and reduce the risk of transmission errors, we prefer the following formats in descending order of priority. We would also like to have a pdf file of the publication, which is a requirement for projects the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat has supported.

  1. If your publication already is available in your institution’s publication database (DiVA, SwePub, LUP, GUP, SLUPub etc.), you can export and e-mail the reference information as a file. We prefer the formats SwePub MODS or MARCXML, since they contain the most information.
  2. If your publication is available on the Web of Science, Scopus, SciVerse, or other publication databases, or if your publications are stored locally in your own EndNote database, you can export the references in BibTeX or EndNote format and e-mail them to us.
  3. If your publication is not available in any database, e-mail the complete reference information and the publication as a pdf file.

E-mail your files or reference information to publikationer@polar.se.

Please specify if the publication is linked to one or more expeditions. Publications related to an expedition is also available in the Polar Research Portal.

Last modified: 24 March 2017