Arctic Ocean 2018

This summer’s research expedition with the icebreaker Oden is called Arctic Ocean 2018 and is conducted in collaboration with the United States’ National Science Foundation. The main theme for the research on board Oden concerns the microbiological life in the ocean and ice and how it’s connected to cloud formation in the Arctic.

For about one month, the icebreaker Oden will be moored at a large ice floe in the Arctic Ocean. In total, 14 different research projects will be carried out on board. Researchers will take measurements as well as collect samples and data from both the ocean and the ice as well as the air. The samples will help us to better understand the important role of the clouds in the Arctic climate system.

Caroline Leck, Department for Meteorology, Stockholm University, and Patricia Matrai, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, USA, are Co-Chief Scientists for the expedition.

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Last modified: 27 November 2018