Blog: “Back in Petermann Fjord”

September 2, 2019, the Ryder expedition.

We have left the far north. We are now working a bit south of the north; we are back in Petermann Fjord. All the time in Ryder we always said – everything is better in Petermann. 2015 we did Petermann. Over 6 000 km of mapping. It felt like we cored sediment samples to the centre of the earth. Now we are back for more. The things we missed from 2015.

Planning is difficult now

Data were analysed and now we fill the gaps. The fjord is mapped already. Planning is difficult now. A wish list for a 6-week program to be done in 6 days. Interesting to see how many ideas of interesting things to study we can come up with now that the possibility arises. We were too effective in Ryder so now we have an extra plan on our hands. Interesting planning perspective. And we have the wind, clouds and ice to consider. The first day went fine. We did glaciers, lakes and water but then it started to get difficult. The wind picked up. The drift went up. 2 knots without the engine. We do 10 knots with two engines on. Could this be a way to save fuel? A drifting expedition, where would that lead us? More predictive to use the engine, I guess!

Then we go home

Archer fjord and Hall Basin. The wind drew us out of the fjord. We went over to the Canadian side for mapping and stations. The wind is better, drift still high, but we can do stations and mapping. Land teams rest. Petermann fjord is our next highest priority area so we do have a plan. Just saying that science is never finished. How much mapping do you want? As much as possible! How many coring stations? As much as possible! CTD´s? As much as possible! A value is hard to put in the Daily Plan. We put in as much as possible. We are closing Archer Fjord and Hall Basin now. Tomorrow we go into the glacial front of Petermann and close that fjord. Then we have a couple of days to clean up at the Sill, Hall Land and Joe Island. Then we close it all and go home.

Text by: Ulf Hedman

Last modified: 2 December 2019