Helocoper is lowering down a buoy

Research buoy is lowered into the water during the expedition to Greenland 2019. Photo: Lars Lehnert

Blog: “The Holy Graal is yet to be discovered”

Still snowing. Winter is coming early. Around zero. Snowflakes get bigger every day. And the fog. Fog stopping us from helicopter operations. The land team was brought back last Friday and hoped for a shower, a good meal, some sleep and to get out again. Now they are stuck on board. Cloud base is too low. Their equipment is still out there at Camp site 1. Weather came in and … Läs mer…

Photo: Åsa Lindgren

American research expedition to the Northwest Passage with the icebreaker Oden

Before the ongoing expedition to northwest Greenland and the Ryder Glacier, an American expedition to the Northwest Passage was conducted with the icebreaker Oden. Inner Space Center has reported extensively from the expedition and you can find both videos and blog posts from the icebreaker Oden at northwestpassageproject.org. Fun reading if you are interested in life on board and the research being done! If you want to know more Selection … Läs mer…