Schedule for upcoming IODP expeditions

The Swedish Research Council participates in the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) through their membership in the European Consortium for Ocean Drilling (ECORD). Their participation gives Swedish scientists the opportunity to join scientific drilling expeditions jointly organised by the European partners in ECORD, but also expeditions organised by USA and Japan.

The polar regions are now the prime target for IODP and following the ECORD Council – ESSAC Meeting #6 (7–8 November 2018), we would like to inform you about the new schedule for upcoming IODP expeditions, in particular ECORD’s mission specific platform (MSP) expeditions:

  • Expedition 377 Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography (ArcOP): Scheduled for 2021
  • Expedition 373 Antarctic Cenozoic Paleoclimate: Scheduled for 2023
  • In addition, Proposal 866 Japan Trench Paleoseismology is now scheduled for 2020.

Exact offshore/onshore dates will be set once the platform and drilling services are confirmed. Relevant calls for applications are/will be issued by ECORD. There are two ways to join an IODP science team – either as a member of the offshore party, participating on-site during the drilling expedition, or as member of the onshore team, participating in the detailed analysis of the drill cores at one of the designated IODP core repositories in Bremerhaven, Germany, College Station, USA or Tokyo, Japan.

Please refer to details and current updates for all upcoming IODP expeditions at and There you will also find information on how to apply to be part of the science teams.


Magnus Friberg
Swedish Research Council (ECORD delegate)

Jorijntje Henderiks
Uppsala University (ESSAC delegate)

Last modified: 13 December 2018