Sunset over the ocean
Petermann 2015. Photo: Ida Kinner

Welcome to Polarforum 2017

Opportunities for Swedish polar research

Polar research has become increasingly important in understanding the effects of climate change and how society must adapt. Last year, the government decided to establish several long-term research programmes to address societal challenges, including one for climate research. How can Swedish polar research take part of this research programme and other initiatives? Does Swedish polar research need specific initiatives to respond to the societal challenges?

Future polar scientists

What conditions are needed to develop future polar research and future research leaders? During this year’s Polarforum, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) will discuss, inspire and gather ideas. APECS is an organisation that works to promote interdisciplinary and international research collaboration and to develop the conditions for researchers early in their career.

Reach out with your research initiative

Do you have a current initiative or project that more researchers need to know more about? During Polarforum you will have the opportunity to hold a short presentation and reach out to other scientists and stakeholders with your initiative. There will be time for further discussion during the subsequent mingle. The number of presentations is limited – express your interest today.

When? Tuesday 21 November 2017, 10.00–16.30
Where? Hasselbacken, Djurgården, Stockholm

Register before 7 November

Parts of Polarforum will be held in Swedish. A more detailed programme will be distributed later.