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Opportunities for Swedish polar research

Polar research has become increasingly important in understanding the effects of climate change and how society must adapt. Last year, the government decided to establish several long-term research programmes to address societal challenges, including one for climate research. How can Swedish polar research take part of this research programme and other initiatives? Does Swedish polar research need specific initiatives to respond to the societal challenges?

Programme and presentations

10.05 Polarforskning i Sverige
Karin Röding, State Secretary, Higher Education and Research

10.20 Polarforskningssekretariatet – nu och i framtiden (pdf 814 kB, opens in new window)
Björn Dahlbäck, Director-General, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

10.45 Klimatprogrammet och forskning mot hållbarhetsmålen (pdf 700 kB, opens in new window)
Markku Rummukainen, The Swedish Research Council Formas

11.15 Framtiden för svensk polarforskning – forskningsfrågor, tvärvetenskap och hållbarhetsfokus (pdf 612 kB, opens in new window)
Céline Heuzé, Association of Polar Early Career Scientist (APECS)

11.30 Polarforskning och Vetenskapsrådet (pdf 621 kB, opens in new window)
Sara Moa, Swedish Research Council

11.45 Hur står sig svensk polarforskning nationellt och internationellt? (pdf 1,3 MB, opens in new window)
Ulf Jonsell, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

13.15 Hur kan svensk forskning bidra och dra nytta av forskningskoordineringen internationellt i:

14.00 Discussion on the results of today’s lunch poll

14.30 Short presentations


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