Workshop for future Swedish Antarctic research

23 May 2019
Hörsalen at Geovetarcentrum, Göteborg

Antarctica is experiencing relentless change with consequences for climate, sea level, biodiversity, global ecosystem functioning and services. During the past five years the international scientific community has come together in multiple venues to discuss how to better our knowledge of the processes that govern this global change, natural variability and the role of humans in the Earth and climate system. Following these efforts the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat will hold a Planning Workshop for future Swedish Antarctic and Southern Ocean research activities & excellence

The workshop aims to review:

  • Antarctic and bi-polar science priorities in Sweden;
  • needs for logistical and data management support;
  • interest in and engagement with international cooperation and scientific initiatives.

Researchers from all disciplines, including humanities, social, natural, and technical sciences and both field and non-field going research projects, are encouraged to join.

Results from the workshop will partially be used in reporting future Swedish research priorities to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.

In preparation for the workshop, participants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with:

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Participants and those who cannot participate, but would like to contribute, are also encouraged to take the following survey:

Swedish Antarctic and Southern Ocean research activities and excellence


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For further information, please contact:

Justiina Dahl

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