Accommodation at Abisko Scientific Research Station is only available for scientific activities.

A total of 73 beds are available in the D building and in the Carex/Culex building. Most rooms are double and four-bed rooms, but a limited number of three-bed rooms are also available. The research station is busy during the summer season and you cannot count on having a room to yourself.

Communal cooking facilities are provided on the first and second floors of the D building, and in the Carex/Culex building. In the D building there is a lounge, a dining hall and a library. There are also two lounges in the B building that visitors are free to use if they are not booked for a conference or other event.

In northern Scandinavia it is common courtesy to remove your shoes before entering a room when coming in from outdoors. It is therefore polite to carry a pair of slippers or other light shoes when visiting. Clogs are popular for indoor wear.

Map of the Abisko Scientific Research Station

Last modified: 18 April 2018