Two geologists studying the rocks
Geologists on the rocks in Grimaldibukta on Prins Karls Forland during NOA-Svalbard in 2012. Photo: Henning Lorenz

Support for research

The mission of the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat is to co-ordinate and promote Swedish polar research. This includes the following application-based funding:

  • Operational support for polar research
    It is possible to apply for funding to carry out field work with the aim of collecting data and samples in the polar regions. The support is provided at three different levels: programme, project and support to minor extent.
  • Research at the Abisko Scientific Research Station
    The Abisko Scientific Research Station is managed by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat. Researchers who wish to carry out activities at the research station should apply directly to the station.
  • Support for networking activities
    The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat offers funding to cover the costs of events contributing to networking and the co-ordination of Swedish polar research.

Last modified: 9 May 2017