Operational support for polar research

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s operational support is given to Swedish researchers to collect data and samples in the Arctic and Antarctica. Priority is given to the type of initiatives that would be difficult for a single research group to carry out on their own.

Support is provided through the planning and implementation of field work. The support consists of access to the Secretariat’s research platforms and other operational capacity. It is also provided in the form of collaboration with other countries’ national polar programmes.

No support is given in the form of direct financial aid to the research group. Nor is support provided for research costs (such as salaries, research instruments, analysis costs, etc.). This type of support must be sought from research funding agencies. Having secured research funding is a requirement to obtain operational support, as per the call for proposals.

Two types of initiatives

The Secretariat’s initiatives to support field work can be placed into one of two main categories:

  1. Operational initiatives that the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat carries out and is responsible for. In these initiatives, the Secretariat is responsible for transport, certain personnel, equipment, food, safety, safety training and communication in the field.
  2. Operational initiatives that the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat supports, which means that the research group or a third party is responsible for implementation. The Secretariat supports the field work, for example through international contacts and permit applications, safety training, lending of equipment, etc. Through collaboration, the Secretariat can also help Swedish researchers get support from other countries’ national polar programmes, such as permission to work at their research stations.

Three levels of support

Last modified: 9 May 2017