Programme level support

The programme level refers to larger national or international operational initiatives that include projects by several research groups. The programme can be inter-, multi- or transdisciplinary. The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat provides the operational resources, alone or through an international partnership. The programmes can, for example, revolve around a broad scientific question that unites the field work of several research projects to contribute to the knowledge base. They can also be linked through common geographical areas of interests.

In 2020, the Polar Research Secretariat launches a new approach to programme level support under the name Polar Research Process.

Polar Research Process

The Polar Research Process (PRP) will become a regular recurring process within the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s (SPRS) support at the programme level. The purpose of the support at the programme level is for SPRS to be able to plan and offer participation in larger and more complex field operations, based on the interests of the Swedish research community. 

The PRhas seven stages and means that field operations are tied to large-scale research themes that are developed by researchers together and in collaboration with the SPRS. The purpose of these research themes is to increase the scope and interest in Swedish polar research, to encourage collaboration across disciplinary boundaries and to increase the availability and use of field data. 

To further increase the utilization of Swedish polar research, a synthesis report with a clear link between research and society will be produced at the end of the process. In addition to the support through PRP, researchers, as before, can also apply for operational support at the project level, the scope of which corresponds to the need for an individual researcher or research group project. 

Polar Research Process

The Polar Research Process – SPRS Programme Level Operational Support

Last modified: 19 January 2021