Support to minor extent (SiMO)

Through the Support to minor extent (SiMO), the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat offers limited logistical-operational support to carry out projects, or parts of projects, which do not require as much preparation time or a large budget. This grant offering is open to researchers and post-graduate students from all disciplines at Swedish universities, colleges, research institutes and government agencies with a research mandate.

SiMO is open for applications on a continuous basis, and the application should be received by the Secretariat no later than two months before the work is planned to begin.

What kind of support can be provided?

Support can be provided to projects that are advancing Swedish polar research and would derive significant added value from Swedish Polar Research Secretariat support.

Support up to a total value of 50,000 SEK per application and research project may be granted. Expedition projects with cost estimates exceeding 50,000 SEK should apply for project level support.

The grant may consist of support with field equipment, costs associated with participating in other nations Polar programs, training in safety courses and other types of logistical-operational support.

Examples of activities that could receive SiMO support include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • carrying out a pilot project or minor fieldwork in the polar regions.
  • participating in collaborations aiming to collect samples and data.
  • working at other countries’ research stations, vessels, or field parties.
  • participating in a field safety course before field work.
  • other support pertaining to communication equipment and polar safety.

Note that applications for research costs not related to the operational aspects of polar fieldwork will not be considered.

SiMO can not be granted for work at the Abisko Scientific Research Station.

For projects that would benefit from accessing the Secretariat’s international network or other cooperative arrangements not associated with any direct costs do not need to apply. Contact us for an initial dialogue.

How are the projects evaluated?

The applications are evaluated based on the projects’ feasibility, necessity to be performed in the polar regions and to what extent this support is necessary for their realization. Special attention is given to projects containing:

  • new fields of research.
  • innovative ideas.
  • technical advancements.
  • pilot studies.
  • transdisciplinary research.
  • international co-operation.

The scientific quality of the project must be demonstrated by attaching the funding agreement for the full research project or similar supporting document. Because this grant offering does not pertain to the financing of entire research projects, the financing plan for the project and the funding from the researcher’s own institution must be specified in the application form.

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat endeavours to support researchers early in their careers, and to promote gender equality. The Secretariat may alter or withdraw the offered support should the circumstances surrounding the project change significantly.

How to apply

Before you submit an application, you should contact Håkan Grudd or Åsa Lindgren:

Håkan Grudd, terrestrial projects

Åsa Lindgren, marine projects

Application form

SiMO application form

We recommend that you write your application in English so that it can be shared with our international co-operative partners.

The level of support and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s role will be determined in dialogue with the applicant.

Last modified: 3 May 2017