Questions and answers concerning SiMO

Questions and answers concerning the Support to Minor Extent (SiMO) call for proposals.

What does minor extent mean?

The aim of this call for proposals is to make it easier for young researchers to get help from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat by creating a fast track for projects that do not require years of preparation and a large budget. Examples include help with smaller field work, help to join an already planned expedition, help finding data from the polar regions or various ways of utilising the international partnerships that the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat is involved in.

Who can apply?

Master’s students, doctoral students in graduate school and researchers who completed their doctoral degree no more than five years ago are all eligible to apply. Your application shall be endorsed by the head of your department, or equivalent, and where appropriate by your supervisor.

Can I seek funding?

No. The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat primarily supports projects that cannot be arranged through grants from regular funding agencies. In other words, we do not provide support for things that can relatively easily be obtained “over the counter”, or which can otherwise be arranged by the researchers themselves.

Can I apply for compensation of travel costs in connection to field work or conferences?

No. If your application only relates to financial support for regular travel for yourself or someone else on your project, we will not grant you funding. Regular travel refers to journeys that can be purchased “over the counter”. The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s field initiatives normally relate to projects that an individual researcher would find it difficult to arrange on their own, such as specially chartered flights or ships, or access to logistic resources within the polar activities of other countries.

Can I apply for salary funding for myself or a research assistant for work in the polar regions?

No, funding for staff and similar financial aid is not included in this call for proposals. However, the Polar Research Secretariat can help you with matters such as bilateral cooperation agreements, safety training or field expertise.

Can I apply for support for research in the north of Sweden or in Iceland?

Yes, as long as there is a clear and well-founded connection to the polar regions and the support of the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat provides a special additional value to the project. In general, it can be said that the further from the central polar regions, the more clearly you need to motivate why the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat should get involved. Please note that a separate application procedure applies to research at the Abisko Scientific Research Station.

Last modified: 10 November 2017