Johannes Måsviken samlar bytesrester från ett övergivet bo av en snöuggla (Bubo scandiacus) på centrala Warming Land i norra Grönland.

Johannes Måsviken samlar bytesrester från ett övergivet bo av en snöuggla (Bubo scandiacus) på centrala Warming Land i norra Grönland. Foto: Fredrik Dalerum.

Fältarbete i Arktis om klimatets påverkan på växter och djur

Fredrik Dalerum, docent vid Zoologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet, leder en forskargrupp som deltog på sommarens expedition med isbrytaren Oden till Ryderglaciären i nordvästra Grönland. I ett forskningsprojekt studerar de hur arktiska arter och ekosystem påverkas av klimatförändringar.

Is och vatten

Foto: Lars Lehnert

Blog: “Back in Petermann Fjord”

September 2, 2019, the Ryder expedition. We have left the far north. We are now working a bit south of the north; we are back in Petermann Fjord. All the time in Ryder we always said – everything is better in Petermann. 2015 we did Petermann. Over 6 000 km of mapping. It felt like we cored sediment samples to the centre of the earth. Now we are back for more. … Läs mer…

Petermannglaciären. Foto: Ida Kinner

Blog: “My theories are wrong”

August 30, 2019, The Ryder expedition. I have just scrapped my hypothesis. My theories are wrong. The paper I have been working on since 1991 will never be published. I am devastated. I don’t know where I stand. I have studied expedition psychology all these years. To what use now when all my findings are contradicted by this cruise? I mapped the psychology stages all these years. I thought I … Läs mer…

Isbrytaren Oden sedd uppifrån omgiven av is.

Isbrytaren Oden under Ryderexpeditionen till nordvästra Grönland 2019. Foto: Lars Lehnert

Blog: ”Hard to claim we are the first”

August 28, 2019, the Ryder expedition. Lincon Sea, Canada or Greenland or in between. We saw a polynya and we managed to get there during the night. A new area, new mapping, new station program, new coring sites, piston coring, gravity coring, and multi coring. Then we have the water work: CTD, CTD, CTD, net, net, net. We claimed we are the first one here. Not true! More and more … Läs mer…

Isbjörn på Grönland

Isbjörn fotograferad under expeditionen till Ryderglaciären 2019. Foto: Lars Lehnert

Blog: Ahead of schedule but not out of plans

27 August, 2019, the Ryder expedition. We left the fjord two days ago. Seems like we are in the same place as then now. We have not moved much as its almost impossible to move, at least move fast. We move by 1 knot. All engines up! Crawling around gigantic sea ice floes, always ahead of us, blocking our path. We do not have a straight path. Our path in … Läs mer…

Oden i nordvästra Grönland

Blog: Previously undiscovered archaeological sites have been found

25 August, 2019, the Ryder expedition Have you ever been to Wulff Land? Few people have. We say we are the first here. No ship has sailed in the fjord before us. We look upon ourselves as the “Explorers”. But we are not the first. Far from it. We see signs of human activity everywhere. Believe it or not there is airstrips all around. Practically every flight reveals a new … Läs mer…