Arctic Ocean 2016 data policy

The research expedition Arctic Ocean 2016 is a Canadian-Swedish collaboration where open data is of great importance. In the document below, you can find a list of all...


Research data from icebreaker Oden

During the icebreaker Oden's research expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat has collected weather and ocean data, such as ai...


Protection of Antarctica reaffirmed in Santiago

The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty was signed in Madrid, Spain, in 1991. To mark the 25th anniversary of the signing, the Antarctic Treat...

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Why do the scientists send balloons up in the air?

Atmosphere scientists on board icebreaker Oden uses weather balloons to make measurements in the air. The measurements can be used for e.g. making weather forecasts.


Meteorologist Nicke shows what the researchers do on board the icebreaker Oden

Nicke Juuso work as the expedition meteorologist during the expedition Arctic Ocean 2016. In this video he shows what the scientists are doing on board the icebreaker Oden and why they have gone all the way up to the Arctic Ocean.


This is how researchers reveal the history of the Arctic

The sediment on the sea floor is like an archive, it reveals past environmental conditions in the the Arctic history. The researcher Grace Shephard is now on board icebreaker Oden on the Arctic Ocean 2016 expedition, and she explains how they collect samples of sediment to be able to see what the Arctic conditions was millions of years ago and how it has changed until today.

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The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and Swedish Research Council have established a shared roadmap for support to research projects in polar regions outside Sweden.