Arctic Ocean 2016 data policy

The research expedition Arctic Ocean 2016 is a Canadian-Swedish collaboration where open data is of great importance. In the document below, you can find a list of all...


Research data from icebreaker Oden

During the icebreaker Oden's research expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat has collected weather and ocean data, such as ai...


Protection of Antarctica reaffirmed in Santiago

The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty was signed in Madrid, Spain, in 1991. To mark the 25th anniversary of the signing, the Antarctic Treat...

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We reached the North Pole!

Everyone on board, 67 persons, gathered on the bridge to celebrate when the GPS came closer and closer to the latitude 90°N.


The last day together in the field

Today was probably the last day together in the field for the four of us. There may be some work tomorrow too, but the priority is to go through and sort/tag all fossils.


Sampling and recon

Idag delade vi upp oss i två team. Grzeg tog sig ned till övre delen av Blue River för provtagning och mätning av tjocklek på lagerföljden. Ben, Henning och jag gick via Blue River till västra höjderna, i första hand för att reka området inför en eventuell travers mot Otocerasdal.

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