Final report on the need for an icebreaking research vessel

The government-appointed commission  to investigate the governmental need for an icebreaking research vessel have been reported today. The final report contains a co...


Welcome to Polarforum 2016

Welcome to a two-day meeting with discussions on possibilities and collaborations within Swedish polar research. During Polarforum there will be room for discussions o...


Arctic Ocean 2016 data policy

The research expedition Arctic Ocean 2016 is a Canadian-Swedish collaboration where open data is of great importance. In the document below, you can find a list of all...

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Chef in Antarctica

Vi är 11 personer som äter mat 3 gånger om dagen under 2 månader. Om man räknar ihop vistelsen för alla 11 personer så spenderar vi totalt ca 300 dygn här på Wasa plus ca 250 dagar ute i våra fältläger. Detta resulterar i 1650 måltider som skall planeras, förberedas och lagas. Om något glömts bort under planeringen så har vi närmaste mataffär i Kapstaden ca 4400 km härifrån.


The expedition team is complete!

We have lots of preparations to make before we go out on our first field mission. Everything takes longer time when the weather is bad and the risk of injuries and damages on equipment increases. We immediately take some security measures when working outdoors.


With a 75-year-old to Wasa

10:30 - we are in the air and the flight to Wasa takes two hours. Lidia is a alert but noisy 75-year-old and are missing pressure cabin. The landing at the Wasa turns out to be a bumpy one, the rear wheel is missing a landing skis and digs deep into the loose snow.

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