Final report on the need for an icebreaking research vessel

The government-appointed commission  to investigate the governmental need for an icebreaking research vessel have been reported today. The final report contains a co...


Welcome to Polarforum 2016

Welcome to a two-day meeting with discussions on possibilities and collaborations within Swedish polar research. During Polarforum there will be room for discussions o...


Arctic Ocean 2016 data policy

The research expedition Arctic Ocean 2016 is a Canadian-Swedish collaboration where open data is of great importance. In the document below, you can find a list of all...

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Off to Milorgfjella and lots of work at Wasa

And now we are only three person left. Again. We have just sent off the team with all researchers and and four of our logicians. The alarm clock rang at four forty and at six we had freshly baked bread for them to bring as lunch packages. The last tour was mainly a test to get the chance to get to know the cars, camping gear, research equipment and communication equipment. But this field expedition will be a bigger one.


We have the first samples in the bag!

The MAGIC-DML team have been out on their first major trip from Wasa. We have been to a small nunatak called Fossilryggen about 50km across the ice from Wasa.


Mountain guide and safety manager – our handyman in a cold climate

Calle are our mountain guide here in Antarctica, It's his job to monitor our operations and make sure that we're not exposed to any risks. When Calle is not on a polar expedition he is working as safety manager on high-altitude job sites and as a mountain guide with focus on skiing in Scandinavia.

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