Antarctic organisations launch fellowship and scholarship opportunities

Three Antarctic organisations have announced opportunities for early-career researchers. The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), the Council of Managers...


Open calls: support for polar research

Three calls directed to Swedish polar research open for applications. Project level operational support : the call is open for applications for projects that aim t...


Final report on the need for an icebreaking research vessel

The government-appointed commission  to investigate the governmental need for an icebreaking research vessel have been reported today. The final report contains a co...

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Methane and carbon dioxide measurements in the Ross Sea

Researchers from Stockholm University have been invited to participate in the Polynyas, ice production, and seasonal evolution in the Ross Sea (PIPERS) expedition on board the U.S. icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer.


Closing Wasa and going home

The stubborn storm and our involuntary extended stay at Wasa, meant that we had time for a proper closing of the station. The closing procedure is basically the reverse of the start-up procedure – there is a checklist to follow and we just do it the other way around. The challenge is to make room for everything and at the same time make it logical for those who will open the station next time.


Last days

The last few days have passed slowly, we switched to low-power mode and just waited out the storm. When the winds were at their strongest, the anemometer almost broke down and we had to take it inside. Then it sounded as if the storm got even stronger, but we don't really know the exact wind speed.

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