Open calls: support for polar research

Three calls directed to Swedish polar research open for applications. Project level operational support : the call is open for applications for projects that aim t...


Final report on the need for an icebreaking research vessel

The government-appointed commission  to investigate the governmental need for an icebreaking research vessel have been reported today. The final report contains a co...


Welcome to Polarforum 2016

Welcome to a two-day meeting with discussions on possibilities and collaborations within Swedish polar research. During Polarforum there will be room for discussions o...

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Polar explorers achievements

Last night at dinner we asked our self what technological advances that makes it possible for us to travel to Earth's most inhospitable and isolated continent? Sure, there have been polar expeditions for over a hundred years now, but you do not need to go too far back in the literature to realise that it was made under completely different risks and sacrifices. Its somewhere around where the images changes from color to black and white so see how the conditions and the changes but must have felt both fear and anxiety. There is more than one story about the expedition That Were left on the ice, not just one, but two long winters more than planned.


Sampling at the edge of the Antarctic Plateau

Learning from our success using both the cars and snowmobiles to access sites during the fieldwork in Tottanfjella, it was decided to make a speedy return journey to Milorgfjella with the snowmobiles. This would hopefully allow us to visit the high elevation, summit sites we were unable to access during the first visit


Meet our expedition leader – Henrik Törnberg

Every expedition needs a great leader and we are lucky that we have Henrik Törnberg in that role. Henrik was involved right from the start in helping us with the overall planning and organisation of the MAGIC-DML fieldwork, running up to our current deployment in January-February 2017. He also has day-to-day responsibility for the planning and safety of the expedition while we are here in the field in Antarctica.

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The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and Swedish Research Council have established a shared roadmap for support to research projects in polar regions outside Sweden.