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Environmental Work

Environmental Handbook for Activities in Antarctica

The Nordic Environmental Handbook, a handbook for environmental work in Antarctica, has been prepared jointly by the three Nordic countries Finland, Norway and Sweden. The handbook contains information and plans regarding environmental protection, such as waste management plans, action plans in the event of environmental accidents, and guidelines for helicopter and airplane operations.

The chapters of the Nordic Environmental Handbook are listed below. However, not all chapters have yet been completed.


1. Description of the Environment (24 kB)

2. Legal Framework

3. Waste Management (40 kB)

4. Oil Spills and Fuel Managemnet (34 kB)

Oil Spill Contigency Plan (167 kB)

5. Chemical and Radioisotope Management

6. Helicopters and Aircraft Operations (33 kB)

7. Purchasing and Packaging

8. National Station Operation Plans

9. EIA Questionnaires and Report forms

10. Management Plans